Andrew Long as Torvold, the Rogue

Andrew Long

as Torvold, the Rogue

Andrew David Long is a classically trained actor, self-taught musician, writer, and mostly reformed sketch comedian.  He has performed in many cities across Canada and has not yet been run out of town in any of them (he was once nearly arrested while working as a Charlie Chaplin impersonator, but refused to speak even a single word.)  

Some favourite stage credits include Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, the Canadian premiere of Mephisto, The Juanabees comedy troupe, George F. Walker’s Nothing Sacred and Rumours of Our Death.  Recent screen credits include… well, this of course… and also SUGAR SKULL MAN, HELL ON WHEELS, and DARK WINTER’S NIGHT.  

He has also appeared in all of the documentaries ever made about penguins as the third penguin from the left.  Don’t tell National Geographic.

Stop helping, you’re not good at it!Torvold

Torvold the Rogue