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Help us win Vancouver Web Festivals Trailer competition. It's easy, just make sure your login in to your facebook, and click vote in the top left hand corner. Warning  this doesn't work with mobile phones and some browsers. I'm sorry its a pain, but winning the competition would be a huge help to One Hit Die. If you could take the time to vote for our trailer we really would appreciate it. Also, it's a brand new trailer we just made.... and it's pretty kick ass. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Posted on March 11, 2014 .

A Crushmas Present

Just want to thank everybody for all their support over the last couple of weeks.  We hope you have a wonderful holiday! Hope the raindeer brought you some tremendous loot, and if he didn't feel free to murder him a take it.

Merry Christmas or Bloody Crushmas! 

Have a look at the first of our Behind Crushmas Specials

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What is Crushmas?

The History of Crushmas

So, we raised some money for another season of One Hit Die. Not enough for a full season and certainly not in time to beat Canada's notorious winter. I still wanted to shoot something and continue writing in this world. All I needed was a sub-plot for One Hit Die that didn't reveal too much of season 2. So I made up the holiday Crushmas and inflicted it upon our characters The more I wrote the more fun I had with the ideas, the more excited I was to share it with you guys. You can watch all the episodes here.

What is Crushmas

Crushmas is a free non-commercial holiday. You spend nothing but time and your imagination. Once a year, DM's and players can celebrate Crushmas by making up a random encounter giving their some of the players loot they really want. Could be Gauntlets of Giant Strength or maybe a cursed gem of coal. It doesn't have to happen in a forest, it can happen in a dungeon, a ship, anywhere your players happen to head. 

3 Ways to celebrate Crushmas?

1) Use your imagination. 

2) Write stuff. Make stuff up that's never existed before. 

3) Share it with people.

The more I wrote about Crushmas the more fun I had with it. It started with writing the Crushmas special and ended with "Walking in a Crushmas Wonderland" Help us spread the spirit of Crushmas. Let us know your favourite monsters to kill or loot to get. What magical item do you want most? Do you need a magical bra of holding incase you run into a gelatinous boob? Or maybe you'd like to fight a Tarrasque Turkey. Let us know what you want in the comments bellow and we'll take the best ones and add it to our "12 days of Crushmas my DM gave to me" currently being written.  If we get enough responses we'll get the cast of One Hit Die to sing it before Christmas. 

Posted on December 19, 2013 .

Crushmas is Online!

For all those who braved our Alberta blizzard to watch the World Premiere of One Hit Die Crushmas's Episode 1, thank you. You're all amazing people and redefined ugly sweaters as functional garmets. For those that couldn't make it, the good news is its online now! Let us know what you think!

Check out some of Ugly sweaters! Val took home best ugly sweater due with a hideous garb that doubles as a beer holder!

Posted on December 10, 2013 .


Twas the night before Crushmas, and all through the realms

All the creatures we stirring looking for winter helms


Well It's Crushmas Eve. Tonight we're having our World Premiere/Ugly Sweater Party. Screening All Episodes and BTS videos tonight in Calgary at the Globe Theatre. Admission is by donation to the Calgary Food Bank.

We'll be selling our extremely limited edition T-shirts designed by Derek Mah. Thanks everybody for all your support, hope to see you tonight.

Posted on December 9, 2013 .

3 Days Till Crushmas

It's Crunch time. Just finished rendering the end credits. Want to see what else goes on behind the scenes? Check out our BTS Video from season 1

Posted on December 7, 2013 .